Senior Leadership Team

Name: Jerry Leaupepe
Role: Principal
Department: Senior Leadership Team

About Me
My background prior to education has been in Business and Finance for a range of national and international companies. My focus is to modernize how students engage with learning by bringing to the forefront local curriculum initiatives like Enterprise, Design Technology and Service. I am committed to raising the standards of our teaching and learning so that our students are challenged, nurtured and supported through a robust, transparent and modern curriculum.

Strategic Plan

Bader Intermediate Strategic Overview 2022 – 2024


2021 Sir Douglas Bader Intermediate School Financial Statements

Policies & Procedures

Bader Intermediate Privacy Policy Statement

Bader Intermediate Protection and Sharing of Intellectual Property Policy

Bader Intermediate Overseas Travel Policy

Bader Intermediate Legal Responsibilities PolicyBader

Bader Intermediate Health & Safety Policy

Bader Intermediate Financial Statements

Bader Intermediate Financial Planning Policy

Bader Intermediate Financial Condition Policy

Bader Intermediate EOTC Policy

Bader Intermediate Curriculum Delivery Policy

Bader Intermediate Concerns and Complaints Policy

Bader Intermediate Child Protection Policy

Bader Intermediate Asset Protection Policy

Annabelle – Deputy Principal

Tracey – Associate Principal

Board Members
Jerry Leaupepe: Principal
Si’iva Stanley-Schuster: Presiding Member, Elected (Parent Trustee)
Maria Aka: Elected (Parent Trustee)
Takia Aka: Elected (Community Trustee)
Grace Ikiua: Elected (Community Trustee)
Aaran Schuster: Elected (Parent Trustee)
Sitina Cowley-Semeatu: Co-opted (Community Trustee)
Chrystal Otunuku: Elected (Staff Trustee)