Bader Intermediate offers a future-focused, robust learning experience. Our staff has a modern pedagogical approach to teaching and learning, alongside the use of a wide range of technologies to enhance learning.

We are an Intermediate that operates through a Middle School model, where we do not have single-cell classrooms, nor do we restrict students’ access to only one teacher. Instead, students are placed in small tutor groups that better support them as individuals and as learners. They learn alongside different students and teacher’s which are dependent on their subject selections. All students are given the opportunity to use a range of technologies such as Photoshop, laser cutters, and 3D printers to bring their ideas to life. Students have a say in their subject selection and timetables. Most importantly, students are treated and valued as individuals.

Bader Intermediate is dedicated to serving the Mangere community. Make no mistake, your child deserves the best educational opportunities, and I am confident that Bader Intermediate has the staff, knowledge and expertise to meet the needs of your child.

Jerry Leaupepe – Principal