PE and Health Department.

Name: Maua Tusa
Role: Head of Department of P.E  and Health
Department: Physical Education and Health

About Me
Kia Ora whanau, my name is Maua Tusa and I am the HOD for P.E and Health, and the Sports Co-ordinator here at Bader Intermediate. I am always about challenging, growing and encouraging our students to have a more positive outlook with physical activity and living a healthier lifestyle. Sport in school allows our students to find balance with their school lives.

Physical Education & Health

Physical education focusses on movement and how this contributes to the growth of an individual either physically or mentally. There is also a key focus on improving attitudes and confidence with how an individual chooses to express themselves through movement. Students are taught through games, how they are formed, the rationale and expected outcomes. What movement skills are required, and then what are the best activities to then grow these skills.

In health education, students develop their understanding of the factors that influence the health of individuals, groups, their community and then our greater society. Students are taught to develop competencies for mental wellness, safety management and an understanding of their nutritional needs. Students use these skills and understandings to take critical action to promote personal, interpersonal, and societal well-being.

Talia – PE and Health

Michaela – Learning Assistant